About Us


TODDA is an International Israeli company, which specializes in research and development of cosmetic health and beauty products on the highest level. The TODDA laboratories operate in full cooperation with the best experts in the field of cosmetics and anti-aging.

TODDA was founded for the purpose of helping people to improve their quality of life through health and beauty. We believe that the improvement in appearance will raise the quality of life and self-confidence.

Invited by nature…
Touch of nature…


The word TODDA (thanks) is taken from the holly book. We believe that the root of all good in the world is gratitude. TODDA is a word that invites and brings along with it all the good in the world.

We thank the creator of the world, thank the nature which has everything we can think of, thank all the scientists who have made the breakthrough and invented the magic solutions for the problems that only ten years ago we did not know how to deal with. We thank the laboratory people, thank our partners and thank all our clients whose love and loyalty allow us to help more and more people.

Thank you! Thank you all for everything!
Thanks is the mood of our company.
Thanks is the word that motivates us, living in gratitude is a great feeling
To be grateful means actually spread love

Always thanks!

Think, feel, say, live thanks and you will be awarded and blessed with the divine spark.