Who We Are

TODDA is an Israeli company with a strong global presence. The company specializes in the research and development of top- notch cosmetics and health and beauty products. TODDA’s laboratories work in full cooperation with leading experts in the field of cosmetics and anti-aging.

√ We believe in science!
√ We believe in research and development!
√ We believe in combining science and nature.

Our credo

We believe that every person has the right to live a full, happy and content life. It is only natural that some problems will occur with age, but we know how to solve them with the help of a combination of science and nature. We are privileged to use this knowledge to help our customers live a fuller, happier life.

See the change with TODDA’s new skincare solutions!
Now you can enjoy your age!

We want you to know – the problems that we take care of are not written in stone!  And we want to announce to the world, and especially to all the people who have given up and believe that they must grow old and suffer and stop having a full and fun life – that now they have an alternative!

Nowadays there are solutions!

It is important for us that you know – the problems we take care of are not a verdict! The good news that we want to bring to the world and to all those people who have despaired and agreed to grow old, suffer, stop enjoying the full life and surrender to their age…as of today – there is an alternative!

We, at TODDA, in cooperation with scientific, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories, during the recent years, have made a giant leap, a breakthrough in the field of cosmetics and beauty and have reached the levels of knowledge and results comparable to miracles. Based on these developments along with researches recognized by science as significant and patents, TODDA has developed a number of products that we are proud to present here on the website, at the stalls, a list of which appears at the bottom of the page, and at Amazon.